Update: July 7, 2022

Just a short update: I’ve now gone through all the New Testament, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Pentateuch. At this point I might as well finish the entire Old Testament to be sure not to miss anything relevant. I’m pretty sure the vision has stabilized enough that the basic principles won’t change from what’s currently listed on the About page.

I’ve gravitated towards the following process:

  1. Create passage lists within the Logos software for each genre: Gospels, Acts, Epistles, Prophecy, Torah, History, and Wisdom literature.
  2. Read each book of the Bible on Logos. Every time I come to a passage on money, wealth, or possessions, save it within the appropriate passage list.
  3. When I’ve finished all books of a given genre, print out the entire passage list. Read through those passages again and for each one note which principle or principles it is talking about.
  4. For each principle create a mind map that gives a rough plan how that particular chapter will be written. I’ve only done this step for the Intro and Principle 2 so far. That one is a little special since most of the OT material on it is linked to the keywords “sabbath” or “seventh,” and I’ve already written quite a bit elsewhere on that topic. I will organize the other principles once steps 1-3 above are done for every Biblical genre.

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